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Iris Heitzinger & Guests


Natalia Jiménez, Dante Murillo, Jordina Millà

and Iris Heitzinger



PREMIERE 14TH of March 2019 @ Posthof Linz Austria



Music and dance merge in a kaleidoscope of spontaneous events.

The term kaleidoscope stems from Greek and literally means “observing beautiful forms”. For this unique evening, the Austrian choreographer and dancer Iris Heitzinger invites renowned guests from the world of music and dance to create dazzling sound and movement spaces on stage with her.

The catalan pianist Jordina Millà, who studied in Rotterdam and Paris and specializes both in classical piano and contemporary improvisation, makes the grand piano vibrate and draws dreamlike soundscapes from it, both energetically and sweet at the same time, which embrace the space and the moving bodies.

Natalia Jiménez from Sevilla and Colombian Dante Murillo, both internationally established dancers and choreographers and longtime artistic companions of Heitzinger create live on stage, together with her, a caleidoscope of moving multiplicity, playful dialogue and melodic-rhythmic dances, which in their essence originate from the passion to move.

Their shared virtuosity lies in the communication with each other, in the listening to each other, giving each other space and supporting one another, so that in the end a new Gesamtkunstwerk arises, in which the brilliance of the individual shines and is at the same time embedded in a collective journey.


Artistic direction: Iris Heitzinger

Creation and performance: Natalia Jiménez, Jordina Millà, Dante Murillo and Iris Heitzinger

Live music: Jordina Millà

Photography: yoanam2

Light design: Johannes Rauter

Costumes: Iris Heitzinger


A production of Verein kunstHupfer/ei


Special thanks to Musikschule Waizenkirchen and Pfarrei Unterstein Schönau am Königssee