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Iris has been teaching for more than twenty years, her teaching method and content being very tightly linked to her creative and performing work. Her language originally has strong influences of release based work but has been enriched over the years by the collaborations and own research that Iris has generated. Also her work is influenced by the teachers who have crossed her path like Thomas Hauert, Lisa Nelson, Jennifer Monson, Martin Kilvády, Julyen Hamilton, Maria Muñoz & Pep Ramis/Mal Pelo, Iñaki Azpilaga, Ted Stoffer, Charlotte Vincent, Johannes Randolf, etc.

Iris teaches contemporary technique, improvisation and composition classes and workshops. She has been teaching in festivals, organizations and for companies such as:

Institut del teatre/Barcelona (B.A. Program), University of Murcia (M.A. Program), Anton Bruckner Private University / Austria, Festival ReAction Tokyo/Japan, Choreographic Centre Circuit- Est/Montreal, Choreographic Centre La Caldera Barcelona, Summer Stage/La Caldera, Dance Days Chania/Greece, SommerTanzWochen Ulm/Germany, International Dance Workshops Kalisz/Poland, Cie. Vincent Dance Theatre/U.K., Cie. Lanònima Imperial/ES, Cie. x.IDA/AT, etc.

Apart from the physical practice Iris is interested in sharing her experiences and thought processes in other contexts. From 2012 until 2015 she was a regular guest speaker at ESADE (Private University/Business and Law) sharing her working method concerning creative group work, idea processing and fostering creativity. In 2015 she was invited to speak at the cycle “body of knowledge” at  Mandarina de Newton – co-creating cultures to reflect on bodily knowledge as a source of learning in all contexts.

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