The measure of disorder

A creation by Thomas Hauert & Group LaBolsa

(Cecilia Colacrai, Natalia Jiménez Gallardo, Iris Heitzinger, Xavi Moreno, Federica Porello, Mireia de Querol and Anna Rubirola)

bolsa dance performance hauert
(c) Tristán Pérez-Martin

A group of 7 independent dance makers who met in the city of Barcelona, proposes to the Swiss choreographer Thomas Hauert to co-create a dance performance, starting from their interpretation of his choreographic language through their own experiences. The Measure of Disorder is a contemporary dance piece constructed as a dialogue between its different co-creators.

Deploying a complex network of movements connected in time and space, the choreographic language of Thomas Hauert could be seen as an extension of the tradition of abstract dance. Yet his highly polyphonic ‘writing’ comes to light on stage entirely through improvisation. What makes his work unique, and meaningful, is that it aims to make order emerge from disorder, form from the formless, a group from individuals, while leveraging the exceptional quality of perception, attention and concentration made possible by improvisation. The choreography is seen as a microcosm in which individuals constantly negotiate between their freedom and creativity and their desire to connect with others.
The seven artists of Group LaBolsa come together for the shared interest in an investigation of movement based on scores, which create concrete and elaborate frames at the same time as they give way to the performer’s capacity to apply his or her creative intuition when they encounter the public on stage.
The Measure of Disorder is a dance piece that puts onstage a complex organism, which constantly reorganises and reinvents itself, being fed by the individual initiatives and by the different degrees of mutual affectation.

Direction: Thomas Hauert
Idea and creation: Thomas Hauert & Group La Bolsa – Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol, Natalia Jiménez Gallardo, Iris Heitzinger, Xavi Moreno, Federica Porello and Anna Rubirola –
Performers: Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol, Natalia Jiménez Gallardo, Iris Heitzinger, Xavi Moreno, Federica Porello and Anna Rubirola
Light Design: Bert Van Dijck
Costumes: Carme Puigdevalli Plantés
Photo: Benjamin Sommabere
Production: Anna Bohigas (Barcelona), Zoo/Thomas Hauert (Brussels)

Coproduction: Grec 2015 Festival de Barcelona, Charleroi Danses and Les Brigittines.

With support from Government of Catalonia, Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Canton of Solothurn (Switzerland).
In cooperation with L’Animal a l’Esquena, L’Estruch – Sabadell City Council, La Caldera Arts en Moviment, Graner Art Factory and Fabra i Coats Art Factory.

Premiere 14 & 15 of July 2015 at Festival Grec Barcelona

"The best we have seen in dance in the city of Barcelona in the last months." (Jordi Sora i Domenjó, EM)

Trailer The measure of disorder