Kurze Abhandlung über das Nichts

(Short Study on Nothing / Breve ensayo sobre la nada)

Heitzinger performance breve ensayo kurze abhandlung dance
(c) Clara Bes

 a moving experiment by Iris Heitzinger


“There is something unpredictably beautiful about unintentionality. In search for it, I go through a complex multiplicity of mental and emotional processes. I am looking for a space which is not defined by the necessity to act but rather being close to the original impulse to move. It is there, where judgment and comparison disappear. It just Is. Simply and delicately.” (Heitzinger)

Program note:
“Short study on Nothing” is a whole-hearted venture, an experiment between performer and audience. The choreographer and performer Iris Heitzinger focuses on the present moment and it’s continues flowing towards memory. Her point of departure is an attitude of unintentional-ity in order to savour each moment in it’s emergence, presence and passing and to invite the audience to experience this cycle with her. What remains are traces of the occurred in our memory.
This experiment is based on instant composition practices and is therefore re-created in each space and with each audience, renewing itself throughout time and space and giving shape to the richness of experience the performer accumulates throughout the years. It is a desire to celebrate the practice of live composition without script.

Idea, concept, performance: Iris Heitzinger
Supported by:  IMPULS D – Theater SAT!/Barcelona, La Caldera Barcelona, tanz_house Salzburg
Thanks to: Theresa Gindlstrasser, Editta Braun, Doris Frömel

Kurze Abhandlung über das Nichts @ MACBA Barcelona

Kurze Abhandlung über das Nichts - Interview for Festival INSITU 2016 Barcelona